Blood of the Dark Moon, the first book in the Dark Moon series, was first released by Aphrodite's Apples last October. Since the closing of the publisher on 2/13, it has been out of print and is now under contract with Freya's Bower.

Its sequel, Shadows of the Dark Moon, is currently in process and will be submitted to Freya's Bower when completed. Right now it remains a work in progress, but once I have a sneak preview of it, I'll be sending it to some of the loops. I am also hard at work on what amounts to a prequel for the series, and its working title so far is Legend of the Dark Moon.

I have also expanded a f/f vampire erotic romance short story into a novella within the same series. Blood and Mint Chocolates is set in between the first book and the second. The original short story was set to be in the second volume of the Masquerade: Collier House GLB series which Aphrodite's Apples was putting out. I am happy to say that as of last Friday, this novella is now contracted with Freya's Bower, and was sent off to the proofers yesterday. For those of you eager to read more about Merideth, our favorite mint chocolate eating vampire, I'm going to be doing another short story about her and Kalia's continued adventures. Its working title is Blood and Spice.

Release dates are still pending for both Blood of the Dark Moon and Blood and Mint Chocolates, but once I have them I will let people now! Right now they both have cover art, and are in the final stages before publication, so things are looking good.

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