If you haven't read any of The Orrphan Train books, you're missing a great series. There are six books in all, each one written by a separate author.
Six young girls board this train, none by choice. What will happen to them? Will they find a kind family or will they be exploited?
I've read the first four. No two books are alike in what happens to the girl, all are exciting and suspenseful--with happy endings. But, oh, what those poor girls go through! I'm sure number five will prove to be just as good as the others. Mine, Once An Outcast, is number six, which I've finished except for the last chapter, where all six meet ten years from their first meeting on the train and share their happiness with each other as they shared their fears on the train. The titles? Once A Rebel; Once Jilted; Once A Vagabond; Once A Dreamer; Once Wayward; Once An Outcast. Sound interesting? These books certaintly are. The first three are out and available at Champagne Books, four will be soon, with five and six to follow.

The orphan trains of the past really did happen. The girls in our stories have happy endings, but many of the real children, both boys and girls, were badly mistreated and even died. A sad commentory on how children can be exploited, even though the intent of those behind the trains was meant to make a new and better life for them.