Knit Trim: Zig Zag

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Skill level: Intermediate

Very strongly defined diagonals give this lace its name.

skpo=slip one, knit one, pass slipped stitch over

Cast on 7 sts.
1st row (RS) K 3, yo, skpo, yo, k 2. 8 sts.
2nd, 4th 6th, 8th, 10th, 12th, and 14th rows Slip 1, p to last 2 sts, k 2.
3rd row K 4, yo, skpo, yo k 2. 9 sts.
5th row K 5, yo skpo, yo, k 2. 10 sts.
7th row K 6, yo, skpo, yo, k2. 11 sts.
9th row K 7, yo, skpo, yo, k 2. 12 sts.
11th row K 8, yo, skpo, yo, k 2. 13 sts.
13th row K 9, yo, skpo, yo, k2. 14 sts.
15th row K 10, yo, skpo, k 2. 15 sts.
16th row Bind off 8 sts, p 4, k 2. 7 sts.
Repeat 1st-16th rows, ending with a 15th pattern row.
Bind off in pattern.

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yo = yarn over

p = purl