Thanks Bec. I just recieved another from FAR so I'm really pumped.

Check out what Dawnie says: The elements of the story are daring and naughty. I was drawn into the scenario immediately. The promise of a night of fantasy with a complete stranger is intriguing. Sheray was easy to identify with. Her needs are a bit kinky, and the good girl in her doesn’t know how to ask for what she wants. The idea of a stranger being the one to fulfill her fantasy takes away any shame she might feel afterwards. Marc was the perfect man for the job. He is sexy, caring, and able to take on the enticing role of dark seducer. The sex is steamy. Ms. Starr shows great attention to detail and tells a great tale.

Ooooo and I love the words daring and naughty. Yum. Read the rest of the review at FAR.