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    revision Red Hot Supernatural Reads for Halloween


    Halloween is my favorite holiday, and I’ve got several paranormal erotic romance novels to help you set the mood--witches and ghosts galore. Don’t forget to follow the links to the trailers. I just put up two new ones, for Fighting the Undertow and Strange Sabbats, and they’re hot, hot, hot!

    Fighting the Undertow
    By Eden Rivers
    Novel Plus
    Available November 4 from Loose Id
    Book Trailer

    My most recent novel, Fighting the Undertow, is coming November 4th from Loose Id, so the spirit of Halloween doesn’t have to end right after the 31st! In Undertow, Val and Ian struggle to come to terms with a troubled ghost and the secrets of Ian’s past. Oh--and of course, Ian’s group of too-sexy-for-their-own-good friends complicate the romance in kinky and delightful ways.

    Blurb: When the New England riptide sweeps Val into Ian’s path, she’s pulled into the vortex of passion he shares with his friends. But as Ian struggles with the ghosts of his past -- literally -- Val’s not sure there’s a place for her in his sexy, turbulent world.

    Strange Sabbats
    By Eden Rivers
    Available from Loose Id at
    Book Trailer

    A prequel to Nature’s Pentacle, this novella is set in the same world as my Pentacle Series, but stands alone. Because it takes place before the action in the other books in the series, the tone is lighter and more playful. These witches aren’t battling the forces of darkness; they’re struggling to sort out love lives vastly complicated by magic, power, and witches’ intense passion.

    Blurb: For Aileen, Bryan, and Sylvie, three witches related by blood and common circumstances, finding the men of their dreams is a supernatural ride through love, jealousy, kink with a touch of magic, and fierce, red hot sex.

    Nature’s Pentacle
    By Eden Rivers
    Novel Plus
    Available from Loose Id at
    Book Trailer

    Nature’s Pentacle is the first book in my Pentacle Series, and you won’t want to miss the passionate magic these witches brew up! Lena and Matt meet at a forbidden sexual rite, and when crazed vigilantes and a vicious villain set them on a headlong path with disaster, they cling to each other for love and support. But Matt’s former love interest, Kenji, refuses to bow out of the picture.

    Blurb: When witches use sexual energy in a rite to mend the shattered environment, the forces set in motion carry them into a vortex of loss, a sizzling ménage, and finally, to the love they never imagined they’d find.

    Broken Pentacle
    By Eden Rivers
    Novel Plus
    Available from Loose Id at
    Book Trailer

    Broken Pentacle is the second book in my Pentacle Series, and can be read as a stand-alone novel. This one is by far my darkest story, and the villain produces some hair-raising scenes for a truly supernatural Halloween season. Sky and Alec are two of my favorite characters because they’ve made mistakes, have been hurt horribly in the past, and they do a phenomenal amount of healing together. The magic they kick up with Zach, a no nonsense ex-cop who turns their twosome into a threesome, is both touching and deeply emotional--and wildly erotic.

    Blurb: A brutal attack left Sky wounded body and spirit. Her body's recovered but her soul and her magic need healing before she can face her ex. The cure lies in sexual bonding with another witch. She's not expecting two.

    I hope you enjoy reading these novels as much as I enjoyed writing them. May your Halloween be full of chills, thrills, and red hot romance!
    Eden Rivers

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    I need to buy Nature's Pentacle and Broken Pentacle. Hopefully I can get them when I have some spare money. LOL

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    I want these books as well

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