General submissions are for ELECTRONIC publication only.
Champagne Books will select titles for print publication by in-house authors only.

Only original works please.

At this time our current needs include:

We are accepting submissions from all genres for ebook publication. Send us your best horror, science fiction, fantasy, and mystery stories.

Romance-- we are looking for fast-paced, character driven novels where romance is integral to the storyline. Novels can be in any era, any location and can have fantasy/paranormal elements, however our historical line is limited to the 19 century or earlier.

Sensuality levels should be on the higher end of steamy, while remaining tasteful.

Please Note: We do not publish erotica in any format. If you have an erotic romance to submit, please visit


Only submit finished works please. We don't want to wait for you to complete your novel if we're excited about your initial submission. Word counts are to be approximately 25,000 words for novellas, 70-80,000 words for full length novels. Be sure to proof read your manuscript thoroughly. Your manuscript should be double spaced, New Times Roman 12 point, with one inch borders. No footers or headers.

Your submission package must include the following:

1) A professional query letter which includes the title of your novel, target imprint, word count, genre, a brief biography and your contact information. Include this in the body of your email.

2) A synopsis of your book that describes the story from beginning to end. Please keep it to 2-3 pages in length. Attach it to your email in RTF format.

3) First three chapters, saved in RTF format and attached to your email.

4) A promotional plan, showing short term and long term goals. While your submission won't be won or lost on the basis of this 'plan', it will get you thinking about what you can do to help promote your novel. Saved in RTF format and attached to your email.

Email your submission to:
Please note, submissions not adhering to the guidelines will be deleted, unread.