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Flashbangs and Nightsticks
Contemporary Erotic Romance/Suspense
$6.00 ebook/$11.95 trade paperback

When officers are undercover and out of uniform, the bad guys aren’t the only ones who'll feel the heat.

Back Blurb:

Port City Police Officer Kasey Shea loves her job and she’s good at it, but when too many complaints about her aggressive behavior pile up, she is reassigned to the hooker patrol. The only problem is Kasey doesn’t own a dress, much less know how to entice a man with her feminine charms.

Dusty “Detroit” Grant is tasked by DEA to discover how drugs are being transported into New England. His only lead, a hooker who breaks all the rules. Dusty and Kasey team up and Dusty’s priority seems to be keeping Kasey safe at all costs. For Kasey the assignment boils down to whether she can play her girly role long enough to impress her Lieutenant and to prove to herself that sometimes it takes more than a flashbang and a nightstick to get the job done.


“Is he watching us?”
He nipped at her shoulder. “Let’s get to it then, only to protect your cover.”
“Only?” She smiled down at him from where she hung as he spanned her waist with his hands.
He nuzzled her stomach. “I’ve been day dreaming about you since you left. I want you so bad it hurts.” The last part he said loud enough for Stan to hear in the other room.
Her heart pounded. She was thrilled that he still wanted her. That he’d been thinking about her. Relief mixed with anticipation of being with Dusty almost had her forgetting their unique situation and Stan watching from the other room. Had he set her up because they had the same last name? Had he thought they were brother and sister? Sick bastard.
“You like what you see?”
“You’re pretty hot,” Dusty said, running his hand over her chest“I want to take this slow, to make it last, but I’m so hard it aches.”
“I’m ready.”
~ * ~
Dusty reeled from her words. She was ready for him. He hadn’t been sure what her reception would be when she saw him for the first time. They’d ended it so suddenly. When he’d spoken to the captain, he hadn’t expected to be asked to meet with Kasey. Last he knew, no one wanted him near her while she was on assignment. His surprise at seeing her had been genuine.
He hadn’t expected to see Kasey looking like a virginal bride, hanging from a cement wall, her curly brown hair sticking to the wall making her look like Diana Ross.
A very delicious sight which made him want to kill the man who did this to her. What if he hadn’t been able to keep the appointment? Would Stan have still set her up like a trout on a platter for anyone?
Had Stan suspected something was off when he called using Detroit? Maybe he thought they were siblings. Sick bastard. Of course, that would be one way to out Kasey if she was a cop. Smart man.
Dusty wanted to kill him and thank him all at the same time. The desire he read in her eyes was like a punch to the gut. She trusted him. He knew it. He ran his hands over her flimsy white top. He stopped under her breasts, feeling her lungs expand and contract with little pants of air.
“Touch me.”