Whoa, things have been crazy!

Looking for Some Touch (http://www.loose-id.com/detail.aspx?ID=839) has been out for a while and doing well. It's Book 1 of my Utopia-X series, which is m/m futuristic urban fantasy. Book 2, Seeking Something Wicked, will be available the first week in March. Book 3, Exploring Savage Places, is completed, release date tba. There will likely be one or two more novels in the series.

In the meantime, Changeling released Fire-and-Water Gate, a hot-'n'-juicy little paranormal. And Liquid Silver has contracted InDescent, a substantial m/m urban fantasy featuring my beloved wizard, Jackson Spey.

I'm currently working on a m/m contemporary, Bastards and Pretty Boys, with brand new characters I'm already quite fond of. Where that one will end up, I have no idea. I'm considering making it part of an anthology that would include an unpublished short called The Glories of the Blue Moon, and maybe inviting another m/m author to participate. However, that project is entirely speculative at this point. BaPB may end up as a stand-alone novella.

I also have a couple more books in mind, but . . . DAYUM, there aren't enough hours in the day, brains in my skull, and fingers on my hands!