Have you ever read a book that just has too much description in it? Or what about one with too little?

One of the books I'm currently reading... oh goodness, the first half was so full of descriptions that I almost put it down. There was hardly any dialogue at all in the first half. Luckily the second half picked up the pace and the action, sex, and dialogue pulled my attention back in.

It could be that this book is the first in a new series. So maybe that's why it's so descriptive. I haven't read a first in a series in quite some time (too many Sookie & Betsy books to keep my attention, lol). Maybe I'm just soured on not knowing a character before I pick up the book.

Soooo, all of this was brought about by the book I'm currently writing. Sometimes I wonder if I'm not descriptive enough, simply because I don't want to be OVER descriptive and bore the reader. Hell, we all know what a night sky looks like, we all know what a full moon looks like, we all know what a chirping bird sounds like.

Sure, some scenes need all of that to make the scene "feel" right... urgent, sensual, exciting, scary. But, not allllll the time. Not through the entire book.

It's one thing to say...

"Her firece high-heeled shoes hammered against the marble flooring like a gun shot with each step."

However, don't repeat the details of her damn noisy shoes on the freakin' marble floor twenty more times before she leaves the museum.

Okay, so this has just turned into more of a rant than an actual question.