Hey all!

I am one of the 2 owners of Coffee Time Romance and I am also the Web Mistress. I have always loved books but discovered romance books later in life while home with a sick child thanks to her best friend, Brenda. It didn't take long to meet up with Karen and learn that they shared a lot more than a love of books. We are sisters in spirt who want to help people spread the word about books. I am the web designer of Coffee Time Romance and several other sites. This wonderful exploration of my creative side has become a fun thing to learn and opened the door to meeting some wonderful people.

You may or may not know but these forums/boards are my NEW baby! I just love them and I am always trying to improve them. Feel free to post your idea in the Suggestion area. Just think this is a great place.

I am a stay at home mom with 3 kids and I love to read. Love to see what people and their creative minds come up with. I think that books are the best escape and great way to spend the day (rain or shine)!

So grab your coffee and sit back and click through our world!