Are you ready for Cole Turner?

Maggie Webb never considered her ability a gift. In fact, seeing dead people
has put quite a damper on her life. When a demon shows up seeking revenge, all hell breaks loose. An even bigger problem: he passes out in her home then wakes up with no memory whatsoever.
Cole Turner is back from Hell, and he’s going to make Maggie pay. Maggie’s “gift” is blocking his mission of stealing souls. However, coming to Earth without permission from The Dark One has cut his ties to Hell and caused him to lose his memory. He no longer knows Maggie Webb as his enemy but sees her as the only person who can help him discover who, or what, he really is.
Maggie doesn’t want to see the vulnerability in Cole, and the healer in her struggles against her better judgment. Having amnesia, Cole reveals his humanity to her, and he becomes the first to really understand her gift, which gradually unlocks her guarded heart. The attraction she feels toward him is undeniable, but if Cole regains his memory he may try to destroy her once again. And if the Dark One finds him…Can Maggie break the bonds of Hell?

Coming January 2009 from Champagne Books!

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