Hi Everyone,

I'm a reviewer, junior editor, and moderator here at CTR, which has become my home away from home. I love it here! LOL

I write speculative romance, meaning my books have a tendency to have their genres mixed, fantasy/romantic suspense for example. I have 4 books available Getting Out Alive, a science fiction romance, Illara's First Christmas, a continuation of Getting Out Alive (holiday novella), The Mark of The Guardian, a freebie you can read here at CTR in the free reads section, and Destiny's Choices, a romantic suspense.

I also write a monthly newsletter Regina's Universe, and am a content producer for Associated Content. You can find out more about me and what I do when I'm not hanging out here at CTR, at www.reginapaul.com.

Feel free to tag me on the boards here anytime, or drop me an e-mail at tiwatz@yahoo.com.