Over the weekend I was offered a contract from Class Act Books for my historical romantic fiction named, "It's Elementary, My Dear Winifred." I don't have the book cover yet and haven't started on edits, but I'd like to post an unofficial, unedited blurb. (This could change, remember! )


"Schoolmarm Winifred Merryweather closely guards her identity as the daughter of one of London's most notorious villains. Separating her life from his, she spends her lonely evenings with her cat, Theodore, and meeting twice monthly at the estate of Lord Nelson Chatham, head of the local reading club. Losing herself in the pages of an absorbing mystery story tickles a delicious chill down Winifred's spine -- until the day that she and her group are thrust into a mystery of their own.

After awakening from a drugged sleep inside an unfamiliar building, Winifred and her companions must deduce numerous puzzles. What's the meaning of halls that lead nowhere? Of rooms that have no furnishings except one wall clock? Where do the trap doors and sliding panels lead? And can the handsome Remington Hawthorne—a newspaper reporter whose flirtatious charms thaw Winifred's icy reserve—help Winifred and her friends decipher the clues before the book closes on the page that reads, "The End"?"