Sorry to pop back in here after months buried under a pile of writing only to indulge in Shameless Self-Promotion, but my next book is being released TOMORROW and I'm super excited! Eight Arms to Hold You is book number 4 in the multi-author Collector series from Loose Id.

Here's the blurb:

Luke Cordova is one of a kind. The last of an ancient race, exterminated by wealthy treasure hunter Carson Cordova, the man who found Luke and raised him as his own, and who now holds Luke firmly under his cruel thumb.

Austin Bell is nothing if not a survivor, but his luck is running out. Jobless, penniless and about to lose his home, Austin needs a change in his life, and he needs it fast.

When Austin finds Luke naked and injured in the surf on Cat Island, Mississippi, there's an instant connection. Both men feel they are fated to be together. But Carson Cordova won't let Luke go that easily. He needs Luke's unique abilities to recover a treasure he has chased for nearly thirty years: a crystal octopus, rumored to possess the power to grant the heart's truest desire. Afraid for his life - and Austin's - if Carson finds it, Luke turns in desperation to the one man who can help him. Dr. Andrew Martin, a.k.a. The Collector.

With Dr. Martin's help, Luke and Austin set out on a quest to steal the idol out from under Carson's nose. Working in secret from within Carson's recovery expedition, the two find not only the idol they seek, but the love they each crave. As they learn how intertwined the two truly are, Luke and Austin discover that finding your heart's desire comes with a price. One that might be too high to pay.


I'll post an excerpt in another post shortly :D