“THE MAGIC KNOT is a really wonderful story of magic, suspense, love, and mystery. What a refreshing new take on this idea of other worldly beings.”
—Coffee Time Romance
(Review will be up in January)

"I picked up this book, started to read and didn’t stop till I read the last page, closing it with a sigh of pure ecstatic, heart-warming bliss... A stunning debut for an author who instantly became a permanent addition to my bookshelves!"
—Realms on Our Bookshelves

“Helen Scott Taylor has charmed me with her own magic. I am pleased to have discovered a new author to read.”
—Manic Readers

"The incredible ending left me gasping quietly at the sheer beauty, imagination and imagery."
—Merrimon Book Reviews

"Ms. Taylor has written a story filled with love, magic, and adventure. I began reading this book in the morning and remained captivated until the very last page."
—Night Owl Romance Reviews

"After reading THE MAGIC KNOT with its great love story, good piskies, bad fairies and an intriguing vampiric nightstalker, paranormal fans will be eagerly anticipating promising newcomer, Helen Scott Taylor’s next enthralling paranormal romance!”
—Patricia Rouse, Rouse’s Readers Groups