A Little something to spice up the board!

Meet The Men of The Vampire Family
There’s enough trouble just between the boys!

Antonio- The Welshire Family Patriarch is determined to control his family and rule his vampire coven without incident. His numerous children often make this difficult, as well as Antonio’s affairs with Ann-his wife’s sister.

Mestiphles- Powerful and mysterious, Mestiphles lures Antonio into the immortality of vampirism-but he is ever watchful, and often displeased with Antonio’s rule. From time to time he sends his henchwoman Lilith to keep Antonio under control.

James- Antonio’s youngest son has little time or desire for his vampirism and instead interests himself in human affairs, especially wars. James has only one fledgling, Catrina.

Stephen- Antonio’s elder son gives no rhyme or reason for his lifestyle-which is little more than fun and thrills. He keeps two steady companions, Jessica and Pamela.

Gaston- This young disenchanted rebel leader tries to destroy Antonio’s coven in its infancy, but his partner Sarah joins The Welshires.

Jean- One of the rare vampires made by Antonio’s wife Elizabeth, Jean seeks to end his vampiric curse after becoming romantically involved with Antonio’s daughter Samantha.

Theodore-Turned by Antonio’s daughter Victoria in the 19th century, Theodore uses his extended lifetime to consume knowledge and wealth-skills often manipulated by his maker.

Rain-Also made by Victoria, Rain grows tired of her love him and leave him ways and aids Lilith in her attempt to destroy the Welshires.

Eric- Not only does Eric almost always butts heads with Antonio over his love affairs with his maker Ann, but Eric is more of a father figure to Stephen than his real father would like.

Angelo-Another of Victoria’s henchman, only Antonio’s young wit and sarcasms make Angelo not so easily deceived by Antonio’s daughter.

Slava-Sometime lover of Stephen’s girl Pamela, Slava uses his Cossack skill and ruthlessness towards his vampire means.

Eddie- Catrina’s fledgling keeps her company when James is on duty, but he also pals with Stephen, learning the hedonistic vampire arts.

Adam- Jessica’s fledgling is a master swordsmen and best friend to James. Once becoming a vampire, Adam swears loyalty to Antonio and battles Lilith and her cohorts.

Caine-Victoria’s last fledgling lived his human life outside the law and treats his vampiric life no differently. He loves his maker well enough, but Caine follows Samantha’s rule, much to Victoria’s chagrin.