I'm the sex columnist for the British pop culture e-zine Nuts4chic. Here is an archive of some of my articles:

Nuts4chic Archive

Here is a link to the e-zine. It's on hiatus right now while it's being upgraded. I don't expect it to update until early 2009.

Nuts4chic: The Online Women's Lifestyle Magazine

I have written about flirting, figging (a bondage practice involving the use of fresh ginger root in sex play), "nice guys", and finding your G-spot.

One of my most popular articles is the one I wrote about the Altoids Mints/Blow Job Myth. Altoids mints have been rumored to make oral sex (esp. blow jobs) much more intense. I had to find out for myself if this was for real. Yes, it's for real, and you can try it yourself!

Here is an excerpt. For the full article, go here:

Nuts4chic: The Altoids Mints/Blow Job Myth

I popped a fistful of Altoids into my mouth. I wasn't sure how many to eat. I ate enough so that I could give him a "curiously strong" blowjob.

I took his balls in my hand, and ran them over my fingers, one, and then the other. He squirmed and moaned with pleasure. I then took his cock into my Altoids-fresh mouth.

The effect started off slowly. He felt a little bit of tingling at first. It was pleasant, if a bit unusual.
Then, the sensation became more intense, especially as I sucked harder on his dick. He is not circumsized, so I sucked on his foreskin until I pulled it away from his dick. He liked that. It felt very good.

He started to squirm. All of a sudden, his dick began to burn. He cried out, "It burns, Oh, my God, it really burns!"

I wasn't sure whether to stop or to keep going. He wanted me to keep going. I sucked, harder and harder.

"My God, it burns. A lot. How many Altoids did you eat?"

"Uh... Fifteen."


"I didn't know how many to eat. I wanted to make sure it worked. Maybe I shouldn't have eaten so many of them…"

"You think so? Maybe three would have done it just fine. Ouch! It burns!! My dick is on fire!!!"

I released his dick from my mouth. He rolled out of bed, and ran to the bathroom. I heard the water in the sink running. He kept crying out "it burns! It burns!" I felt bad, but at the same time the whole thing was rather funny. I told him to use soap on it. Maybe soap would get the peppermint oil off of his dick. He just ran warm water over it.


So, there you have it. Altoids mints really can make a blow job more intense. They also work on women. It doesn't matter whether you're gay or straight. Altoids make oral sex much more fun. Just don't chew on fifteen of them! Three or four are fine.