I can't believe that Christmas is only a week away. Today was the last day of school for the girls. They don't go back until January 6th.

All of my shopping is done. But I do need to get stocking stuffers tomorrow. The hubby still doesn't know that he has an Xbox 360 under the tree... even though he keeps begging to open it early. He's worse than the girls.

And today I got some fabulous, wonderful, extraordinary news.........

My laptop will be home tomorrow!!!

Dell called to let me know that the repair had been completed and that my beloved Annie the laptop had been shipped back to me. I looked up the Fedex tracking number and she'll be home tomorrow. Woohoo!

Now, just keep all fingers and toes crossed that my files are still in there and intact. I've been very down since this mess happened last week at the thoughts of having to rewrite my entire manuscript. All of my notes, character names, settings, etc. are in there in another file as well.

I'm staying optimistic that all is well within Annie and that my manuscript is okay in there.

So how are things with all of you? It's been quiet in here, but I know you're all just busy with the holidays. So pop in and let me know how you are.