Just released on December 18, 2008: "Like A Myth", in which my short story "Mud Licker" appears. This anthology of erotica based on unusual folklore was published by Circlet Press. Here are links for you to purchase the book:

Like A Myth (Palm/ereader format)

Like A Myth (PDF format)

In about two weeks, it will appear at Fictionwise and Amazon Kindle Store.

"Mud Licker" is a paranormal erotica tale based on Japanese folklore. The creature in question is a squat red thing that cleans bathrooms with its two foot long tongue. Imagine what else that tongue is good for, and you have a good idea what my story is about.

Check the other post in this category to read an excerpt.

I found many paranormal creatures from folklore that were much more interesting than the usual vamps and werewolves. Asian creatures (esp. Japanese) really caught my attention. I will definitely look more into unusual folklore for story ideas in the future.