Sabrina inhaled deeply and felt her nose tingle in the crisp January air. Her long, graceful fingers moved quickly in the soil, gently tucking winter cabbages and pansies into the cold ground beside the mountain cabin. She blinked back tears as she realized the absurdity of her attempts to nurture new life in the place that would forever hold death images for her. Sabrina covered her eyes and tried not to remember the bloody scene from over a year ago...tried not to remember her sister lying on the ground with her throat ripped open.

In an icy field, Kieran loped along. Though slowed by blood loss and the unmistakable burn of silver in his leg, he pursued the hateful scent singlemindedly. I need to shift to stop this infernal bleeding, he thought between flashes of pain. But the bullet was lodged in his thigh, deeper than he could remove without losing precious tracking time. And he would NOT allow the killer to escape this time.

Movement ahead stopped him. Kieran's keen eyes picked out the figure of a woman, kneeling in the thawing snow and wiping a soiled hand across her eyes. He paused to study her and let the wind bring him the faint scents of turned earth and grief. She looked so much like the woman who'd lived here before. A sister, he thought, with a rush of sympathy and remembrance. An unexpected surge of hunger surfaced in him, as he took in her dark hair falling forward to expose a creamy length of neck. Then his lips drew back in a snarl as his nose told him that he and the woman were not alone.