My hubby and I just got back from our first half-marathon! It so rocked! Of course, it was a Disney Half-Marathon, so it totally had to rock! LOL!

It was so much fun! We had to get up like crazy early, like 2:30 am to catch tp Epcot, where the half-marathon started. But it was really cool because the restaurant at the Disney hotel where we stayed was open for breakfast, bagels and carbs like that. How excellent is that?! So, we eat and catch the bus to Epcot. Did I mention it was chilly, like fifty degrees! Which was why most of us were wearing throw-away clothes on over our running clothes, so that we could just strip 'em off and toss 'em to the side on the run. But that was cool because Disney picks up all the discarded clothes and gives them to goodwill. The half-marathon, which is 13.1 miles, went from outside Epcot all the way through Magic Kingdom, where we stopped to take a pic with Goofy, Mickey, and Donald, who were dress in Revolutionary garb, and looking too cool! I couldn't resist, so we had to stop to take a pic with them! Then it was out Magic Kingdom and to and through Epcot to the finish line, where we got our Donald Duck Half-Marathon Race Medals and some yummy food!

It so rocked! I'm so psyched! Can't wait to do it again!