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I haven't read those yet, but I'll get there sometime. Rachel's new book comes out in about two weeks and I'm totally jazzed about that. Patty Briggs' new Mercy book and Deborah Cooke's new dragon book come out then too, so I'm really excited about that as well.
Yeah. I can't wait till Rachel's new book. The excerpt on her website is great. I'm also really looking forward to the new Mercy book. That excerpt sounds great as well. I didn't know Deborah's new book was out but I'll definitely be getting it as well. I've read the first two!

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Hey gals, just letting you know that the contest for the Deadly Desire ARC's is now up on the Dames website. All you have to do is make a comment under my post, and you'll go into the draw.

And I second what CharmedGirl said about Jenna's Morgan Kingsley series--they are great.
I posted a comment Keri.