Recently Iíve added some free reads to my website in the hope of attracting new readers. Iíve been surprised by how many extra visitors these free stories have brought to my site already because I havenít advertised them yet.

My free reads are available here: Interplanetary Love and Live the Moment

I thought Iíd do a little promotion on behalf of my fellow writers at Romance Divas since many of them also have free stories available on their websites. The genres and sensuality levels differ so check these first before you download the stories.

Here are some free reads from Romance Diva authors, in no particular order:

James Buchanan
Debbie Mumford
Diana Castilleja
Jennifer Colgan
L.K. Campbell
Midnight Moon Cafe - on the righthand sidebar.
Kelly Jamieson - has an ongoing serial on her blog.
Sela Carsen
Leah Braemel - on the sidebar.
Jennifer McKenzie
The Samhellion - free reads from some of Samhain Publishing authors.