I was just wandering...wondering what fantasy-type hero is your favorite. If you write in the fantasy genre, I'd like to read about your own hunky hero and what he's like. What kind of tribulations has he gone through with, and for, the heroine?

Here's a few things about my hunky hero, Derrick, from my book The Sea's Embrace:

He actually has no name. A man working in a mens apparel shop in London gave him his name after he walked into his store naked.

He's been buried alive twice and spent centuries floating on the river Styx, waiting for the heroine to save him.

He has a dilapidated ship named Pegasus that he loves more than any of his possessions.

He believes his father is Poseidon.

He's the guardian of the magic in Atlantis.

Here's a short excerpt:

His muscular chest showed beautifully underneath his thin white long-sleeved shirt, buttoned only half way. His legs were strong in a pair of dark pants tucked perfectly into his high boots. And his long flowing black hair brought out his turquoise eyes, making her attraction for him soar into a tremendous moan of delight.

The bandit in him stole her heart again making her, just for a moment, forget he'd wanted to kill her just a week ago.