Thank you for the incredible story and I will look for you over at myspace. Am heading over in just a moment to explore your website, so much to see I've been told!

Thanks Again!


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Wow! The month has flown by and I feel like this story still has a ways to go. 28 days just wasn't long enough, was it? I've been thinking about how to wrap this up and want to pitch an idea.

We don't have the time to continue with actually writing the story at this point, but we do have time to consider how the story would end. My suggestion is that we close this thread and move to the lobby.

I'd like to invite those of you who participated to post your vision for the end of the story there, kind of like you would a synopsis. You can look at my earlier posting of Isabelle's back story as an example. Please keep each post to under 500 words. Remember, this is to be a general overview of the progression.

In addition to the gift certificate for the best post. I'm going to offer a second prize - a signed copy of my newest book, Forbidden: The Temptation for the best ending. (The eBook release is March 1 with print release to follow).

I've had loads of fun this month. I hope that you all have too. Please don't be strangers. Stop my my website or myspace page and visit!