The highly anticipated latest installment in my epic fantasy adventure, BOOK OF DRAGONS, is now available. BOOK OF DRAGONS VOL. 3 is available in multiple ebook formats and large-print trade paperback from Double Dragon Publishing.

Elfin hero Rhyden Fabhcun has been shipwrecked, shanghai'd, stripped naked and sold into slavery. Now the REAL adventure begins. He must take a stand against the most formidable enemy he's ever faced -- the vengeful spirit of a long-dead queen who is bent on destroying Rhyden and his new-found friends, the Oirat.

Meanwhile, Aedhir Fainne has set off in a desperate attempt to rescue Rhyden. Things go from bad to worse -- and worse even yet -- when Aedhir and his men are captured by the fierce warrior tribes of the Enghan. When Aedhir's son and daughter are abducted, along with the young heir to the Enghan throne, Aedhir finds himself caught in the middle of a bloody turf war where he must fight alongside the Enghan or die.

BOOK OF DRAGONS, VOL. 3 is the latest in the my award-winning, best-selling fantasy series, the Chronicles of Tiralainn. For more information, including purchase and excerpt links, please visit my website: