Lust, Lace & Liars
By Jillian Hallowell
Contemporary Erotic Romance

We all have two faces, the one we show and the one that is who we really are. At the Hottie Mansion you never know which face is which.

Blurb: Parties can be such educational experiences and for serious journalist Nina Blackington her first party at the Hottie Mansion turns out to be very educational and so much more than just a story.


“Stop, Nina.”
She gazed up at him, her hair falling out of its carefully coifed style. It dropped and curled down over her shoulders, stopping at the tips of her perky breasts. He didn’t like her being covered by hair or anything else. It was a crime to cover such a wonderful body. She shook her head again and more hair fell out of the style.
“Something wrong?” she asked, a glazed look in her eyes.
“No, you just need to give me a minute.” He glanced around the room. “Come with me.”
He led her behind the last rack of lingerie. Pushing apart a curtain, he smiled at the scene in front of him. A couch sat in front of a huge bay window. Trees stood against the side walls and sound was muffled back here. Even if someone came up the spiral staircase, they wouldn’t find them.
“I don’t remember seeing that window from the back yard." She walked up to the glass and looked down over the frolicking guests.
“The seamstress used to do fittings back here and then she took her clients for a more personal consultation, if you get my meaning.”
She nodded before sitting on the white couch in her white bra and black pants. She ran her hand across the material, savoring the feeling.
“It’s luxurious,” she said.
He stood naked in front of her, his erection jutting away from his body. He wished she would run her hands across his chest again. The look of pleasure on her face from just the feel of the couch material made him ache for her.
“Can they see us?” she nodded toward the window.
“I don’t know. Maybe, maybe not. Why? Do you want them to?” He leaned toward her with one hand on either side of her hips. She leaned back into the plush couch. He saw the excitement in her eyes.
“What would they see?”
“You, me, us...naked.”
She looked down at his cock and back up to his face.
He smirked. “You have on too many clothes.”
“Take them off then.” She grinned.