I read the book in the mid to late 90s, but the edition I had didn't look new. Of course that doesn't mean much I know. Anyway, the hero of the story is a professional football player who doesn't want to settle down and prefers dating younger women. The heroine is a genius college professor who wants a baby but is afraid artificial insemination will produce another genius who will feel like an outcast as she has her whole life. Whew!
The woman's neighbor is a barmaid where the football team hangs out. The hero's birthday is approaching so the barmaid gets the professor to fill in as his suprise "present" from his teammates. She thinks he is the perfect sperm donor because he said "ain't" in a televised interview and therefore can't be too smart. She has to visit him again in a hotel room before she actually gets pregnant, but then he can't stop thinking about her. The barmaid fesses up, and the hero finds the professor and forces her to marry him.
They go to his hometown, it's the off-season, and he tells her to be mean to his family so they won't like her. She also isn't allowed to tell them she's pregnant. The plan is for them to get a divorce after the baby is born and he wants to keep it.
Of course there is a happy ending and I remember a few more details, but does this sound familiar to anyone? I'd love to find it and re-read it, but have no clue of the title or author.