On Danger's Edge
Coming in March 2007
In paperback!
Lise Fuller

Fear be damned…

is the code photojournalist Rorie Lindsay lives by. Free of her
abusive ex-husband, she celebrates her divorce with a one-night stand then heads to her next photo shoot in the Panamanian jungles, thirsting for adventure. Finally sensing her life is her own, Rorie relishes her autonomy until guerillas take her small troupe captive. Now, in order to survive, she must match wits with the soldier who came to save her—Chief Warrant Officer Tom MacCallum, the same stranger she'd spent one incredible night with.
Tom couldn't forget the passionate brunette he'd bedded—a vain attempt to assuage his guilt over a comrade's death. Like his father several years before, Tom had been unable to save his friend. Driven in his Special Forces missions, the failures haunt his private life. Because loved ones die, he's refused to commit himself to a woman. Still, he longed for something with Rorie. Unable to find her again, he's encouraged when he sees she's in the party he's rescuing—until the rescue effort goes awry and he finds the terrorists hot on their trail. Now, both their lives and their
destinies are…
…On Danger's Edge.
Nominated for Romantic Times Reviewers' Choice Awards!
4 1/2 stars. Romance Times Here is a fast - moving, action - packed romance.

Author Lise Fuller & Intimate Deceptions
We at Coffee Time Romance & More are dancing in our seats to present our First Reviewer's Awards to Lise Fuller! Congratulations!!! Job Well Done!
Lise Fuller's work has the unique style that grabs and holds the reader's very own realm. Transforming their world into one that the next line could make them slip into the characters life.. Myself while reading her stories found it impossible to put the books down until the last page. Thank you Lise for the magic you have brought to us.
Ms. Fuller has proven that she can write suspense and keep a reader interested. The story is riveting to say the least, and you feel for Brodie and Elena. This book will keep you guessing the entire time, never knowing what lay in store for Brodie and Elena. Ms. Fuller has done her research well and the story flows with a smoothness that keeps you on the edge of your seat. I loved the book for the flow of the story and the characters discovering what they thought was lost. The emotions are real and the scenarios are very convincing. I would recommend this book to anyone who loves a well written suspense mixed with passion. Liadan, Review of Intimate Deceptions