Cowboy of the Night will be released Thursday, March 26 from Red Rose Publishing.

Here's an excerpt of Cowboy of the Night.
I hope you enjoy it!


Cowboy of the Night>>
July 1880 >>
Loving, lace w:st="on">Texaslace>>>
Im trapped in Hell. Morgan Remington needed a plan to extract his ass out this deadly situation. Unfortunately, he hadnt come up with a scheme that was worth a damn. His fist clenched, the muscles in his arm pulled taut. The urge to hit or better yet, destroy came in a hard and heavy flood. He forced himself to relax.
Hed arrived in Loving, lace w:st="on">Texaslace> yesterday night and his opinion was still the same. Being restricted to the premises was hell. Standing on the private balcony of his bedroom over looking acres of prime land suitable for longhorn cattle, he sipped the whisky in his glass and watched the last vestiges of twilight fade into blessed night.
The air stirred, bringing the odor of cow poop. To his enhanced vampire senses, it was well, just plain shitty. What Morgan really wanted was to return to Night Trails, his air conditioned, vampire secure lace w:st="on">East Texaslace> dude ranch in the twenty-first century. Thanks to the Highest One, his manager, Blake Travis, could handle whatever arose while he was away.
Morgan scowled. Blake had made it sound like he was going on a damn vacation. No, he was back in the past and could well end up dying in this dry, lace w:st="on">Texaslace> town. His gaze scanned the pasture again. Nothing unusual. It didnt pay to let your guard down.
Hed occasionally visited the Old West for enjoyment, but this time was an exception. The Vampiric Council of Darkness, otherwise known as the VCD, threatened and forced him on this trip, which seriously pissed him off.
The VCDs order interfered with the search for his mate. Now was the worst time for him to leave. Whod have thought at the annual American-European Alliance hed come so close to finding his chosen mate. For the first time, he experienced the bright flare of hope of actually finding her. And in lace w:st="on">Irelandlace>, of all places. Due to personal vendettas, the Council members kept American vampires from traveling or living in lace w:st="on">Europelace> without authorization.
Morgan closed his eyes and remembered how her scent had reached out like a

commanding caress. Spicy warm and sweet, it had enveloped him in an invisible web.