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    Default Gamble's Game

    This is the thread where I will post everything about my erotic novella Gamble's Game published through Siren Publishing.

    Hi all, I've got permission to show off my excerpt for my steamy m/f/m m/f/m/f erotic novella that will be released December 1st, through Siren Publishing.

    Here is the blurb:

    A notorious player, Desiree Jones resists all attempts to trap her in a relationship. According to her, it's what made her parents miserable, and therefore, it is what would make her miserable.
    Once a lover of Desiree's, Andrew Gamble doesn't agree and it is his hope to be the one who makes her see reason. Smitten from the first kiss, Gamble has not touched another woman since, so a bet to go without sounds more like an opportunity to seduce her to him.
    Desiree's other competition is Joshua Tully, perpetually single and harmless, until the temptation of two week's wages are up for grabs. After that, it is open season, and the three of them do what ever it takes to push their pals over the sexual finish line. A parade of firemen visit Desiree's cash counter, a pretendsbian tryst is performed for Gamble, and a date is arranged for Tully.

    and for the excerpt I'll send you to the Siren book page.

    I hope you enjoy.
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