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Rancho do Mucho Cliente
By Randi Lambert
Contemporary Erotic Romance

Hot flashes aren’t the only thing steaming up this New Mexico ranch.

Back Cover Blurb:

Corporate stress, incessant travel and unexpected hot flashes – this is the life of Marketing Director J.D. Johnston. When her hotel management company sends her off on yet another training session at a New Mexico ranch, J.D. is less than thrilled. When she runs into handsome cowboy Dallas Brooks, however, the prospect of spending several days in a bucolic setting suddenly doesn’t seem so bad. For Dallas, the attraction is mutual and he can’t seem to keep his hands off J.D. While suffering through the seminar, the two of them start to realize a few things about what they really want in life, including sex with each other!

Promo Excerpt:

J.D. gasped and her eyes widened in shock. She stood naked as a jaybird on the cold tiles of the bathroom floor while Dallas’ eyes roamed over her body. She was frozen to the spot, aghast at the man’s audacity but at the same time, more than a little interested in the obvious bulge in the front of his pants.

Some cowboys only look good when they have their hat on. A rare few look great with or without it. Dallas Brooks fell in the latter category.

His damp, gray-peppered hair was thick and a bit unruly, the kind of hair that made a woman want to run her hands through it. J.D. noticed he had a small, crescent-shaped scar at his right temple. It made him look more virile and drew attention to those intelligent gray-blue eyes fringed with incredibly thick lashes. Beneath his neatly trimmed moustache, his wide lips looked soft and inviting.

J.D. ran her tongue across her own lips while her eyes scanned the breadth of his shoulders and his trim waistline. A surge of desire bolted straight down her abdomen, weakening her knees.

"I believe this is the item you requested," Dallas rasped, holding the robe out toward her.

J.D. was momentarily too embarrassed to notice that he’d caught her blatantly checking him out. That is, until she realized Dallas was experiencing some intense urges of his own that were becoming increasingly obvious by the growing display beneath the zipper of his Wrangler jeans.

J.D. reached for her robe but instead of giving it up, Dallas tightened his grip and tugged, bringing her body up against the hard length of his.

She barely had time to flinch from the shock of contact before he pressed an impassioned kiss to her lips. His tongue plundered her mouth while the robe dropped to the floor, unheeded. His large, rough hands explored her soft curves, gliding from the top of her shoulders to the indentation of her waist, before lowering to cup her buttocks.

J.D. was nearly shaking as she surrendered to her physical craving to get up close and personal with this cowboy’s long, lean hardness. His kiss had her tingling all the way to her toes and aching to experience more. She clutched her fingers in his hair, responding with fervor to the exciting pressure of his lips.

She was no longer just damp from her recent bath. Feeling Dallas’ rough hands, the metal snaps on his shirt, and the cold silver of his belt buckle against her flesh along with the taste of his mouth and his hands pressing her bottom to his erection was just about enough to put J.D. on sensory overload. Before she knew it, Dallas was gripping her hips with one hand and her neck with the other as he gently lowered her to the floor of the bathroom atop her discarded robe.