Winter Song

For Japanese rock guitarists Koji & Jun, nights this winter are long and empty. Can both men find in each other the love they've longed for?

Excerpt (sensual, adult language)
"We did it Koj! I told you we would."

"I still can't believe it," Koji's stomach did another little flip, one he tried to tell himself had to do with the excitement of the moment or even the alcohol. "We're gonna be big. Nakamura said it himself."

Jun flashed him a slightly drunken grin then clinked his beer bottle against Koji's. "Our first CD is on the top of the fucking charts!" he exclaimed for the hundredth time that night, like he couldn't believe himself. They'd all worked so hard for this moment, but Jun carried most of the stress as the head of the band. Koji was always at his side, working on songs with him through the rough, long nights when the band's hopes for success seemed like a long shot. The days of them cramming into dingy, cramped little apartments, scrapping just to pay the rent and the utilities, were over.

"You hear what Toru just did outside?" Jun took a gulp from his bottle, tossing back his head and running a hand through his disheveled chin-length hair. When Koji shook his head no, Jun continued. "He asked one of the hostesses to get the Gothic deSade CD from the DJ and he took it outside and pissed on it. He said he would have shit on it but that Miji Makana wasn't worthy to wipe his ass so why bother."

Koji howled with laughter. Leave it to Toru Nakai, the group's founder and bassist, to payback his old bandmate in such a way for all he'd pulled to drive Toru out of that group. When Jun tugged on his jacket sleeve Koji leaned back in, very conscious of the moist heat of Jun's breath against his ear.

"I have a good feeling about this. Did you see the memo at the recording studio? All our dates are sold out and the tour doesn't start for another week yet."

Koji smiled and clapped Jun on the shoulder. "It's fucking unreal. All those places hold close to five thousand."

Jun's smile lit up his brown eyes in a way that brought a smile to Koji's lips as well. Although Toru was ChildsPrey's founder and had been with a fairly big band, Jun had been appointed the group's "Leader-sama". Jun took this early sign of success very personally as well he should. He and Koji wrote the single they'd debuted a few months back, helping to propel the quick sales of their new CD and put them at the top of the charts before their first real tour.

Koji sipped his beer then leaned in towards Jun again. "I guess I need to finally thank you for being such a slave driver about learning guitar when we were back in school huh?"

Jun laughed. "You can grovel at my feet when ready, Koj."

Koji gave him a playful punch in the arm. "Asshole."

"Oh my god-look," Jun laughed. He pointed to the booth behind them and Koji looked over his shoulder. They both watched with amusement as their vocalist Imai Shimizu grabbed someone's video camera and egged Toru and the band's drummer, Kyoru, to put out a little "fanservice".

Toru brushed away some of the hair falling across the other man's face and leaned in to press his lips to Kyoru's. But the kiss heated up from a soft touching of lips to a long, open-mouthed show of passion that stole the breath of everyone watching. Tongues had to be involved. No doubt about it.

"Shit," Jun whispered into Koji's ear. "I think
Kyoru's really getting into it."

Koji tried to swallow, his mouth bone-dry. He gulped down some beer, his imagination teasing him with thoughts of what it might feel like to have Jun kiss him like that. "They're both so drunk I don't think I want to know what they'll get into before the night's over," Koji laughed weakly.

Jun's deep laughter sent a delicious shiver along Koji's spin. When the man rested his chin on Koji's shoulder, Koji tried not to notice the way the blood rushed straight to his balls. He shifted carefully in his seat to try and ease the pressure building up in his groin without making Jun move. He glanced down to the front of his pants, where the first hint of a hard on already stretched at the leather.

"You looked fucking gorgeous in that photo shoot today, Koj."

Gasping, Koji turned his head and gazed into Jun's slightly glassy eyes. For a wild moment, he wished Imai would bring that camera over here so he'd have an excuse to kiss Jun. The man was so close, his lips hovering near enough to Koji's that if he just tilted forward a bit, they would meet. Hell, if he just turned his hips a little, his rising erection would press nicely against Jun's hip. But Koji forced himself to turn away in the opposite direction, ignoring the ache in his cock and the pull in his he always did.