Hi, I'm Wendi Darlin, your friendly, neighborhood Coffee Write hostess for March 2009. I'm a Southern lady with a "thang" for cowboys. Nothing gets my motor running faster than a smooth Southern drawl and good-fitting pair of jeans. I grew up in rural north Florida and now live in sunny south Florida with my husband, son, sheltie, and a little wiener dog named Sparky.

I'm looking forward to seeing where this story takes us, and I think we're going to have a lot of fun. So first let me give you a little set up and then the first paragraph to get you started. You can take it from there! Ready?


Wes Colter had owned the biggest spread in west Texas. But that was a long time ago. His hot head had cost him the family ranch, the woman he loved, and every damn dime he had. But Wes wasn’t the quitting kind. He went for broke after everything he wanted. And eventually he got it.

Dixie Mason was on top of the world. At least it looked that way from her back porch. The Rocking C ranch sprawled as far as the eye could see, and now that her father had died the entire place belonged to her. She wasn’t alone though. Wes’s memory danced in every shadow. This ranch had been his. If he hadn’t tried to double cross her daddy, it still would be. And she would belong to him too. She had no doubt about that.

Word on the street was Wes had sauntered back into town. Now her every nerve stood on edge. He might be able to walk out on her and not look back, but he wouldn’t be able to stay away from the ranch. If he expected her to hand this land and her heart over without a fight, he had another thought coming. Dixie had learned two things in her life, don’t ever trust a double-crosser, and don’t ever give your heart to a man who doesn’t even have the balls to say goodbye when he leaves.

And now let's get started!


Wes Colter slowed his old truck down as soon as he saw the rough-hewn fence of the Rocking C Ranch. Pride filled his chest, but the slam of reality hit him hard. No reason to be proud of something that wasn’t his. And pride wasn’t going to see him through what he had to do. Slim Mason would have been hard enough to deal with but now that the old man was gone, Dixie was in charge of the place. Wes didn’t think for a second that little lady would give him an inch of slack. Not that he deserved any. He had a proposal for her, though. If she’d sell him the five acres his grandparents’ house sat on, at least he’d have a place to hang his hat until he was able to make her a deal she couldn’t refuse.

(You take it from here!)

Wendi Darlin