"Close by?" Wes raked his fingers through her hair and tilted her mouth to his. "Granddaddy's place is clear on the back of the property."

"Too far for you?" Dixie teased his bottom lip and rolled enough to let him hover over her.

"It's a hell of a long way for a man to be from his wife."

She snuffed a smile and planted kisses on his jaw. "I didn't know you had a wife."

"I ain't got one yet." He reached for the top button of her blouse. "But when I get done with you, you're gonna be begging to drag me down the aisle."

"Begging and dragging, huh?" She reached between them to stroke the growing bulge in his jeans. "Who's going to be doing the begging and dragging? Me or you?"

"How 'bout I beg and you drag?" He worked the last of her buttons free, and slid his hand up to cradle her breast.

Dixie's breath caught and she pulled him closer. "How 'bout you just shut up and make love to your wife-to-be."

"You ain't never gonna have to beg for that, darlin'."