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    Default March Releases-Once Wayward

    Once Wayward
    By LeeAnn Ward
    Historical Romance
    ISBN: 978-1-897445-64-8
    Book 5-Orphan Train series

    When love is a long shot, aim straight for the heart.

    Back Cover Blurb: If Isabel Bennet were given the choice to remain with her parents in the carnival life or hop on a train full of orphaned girls into the vast unknown, she would have gladly remained with the two people she loved most in the world. She cherished her family and embraced the gypsy lifestyle, but her parents desired a brighter future for her. And the wealthy Mr. Robert Winston had promised the beautiful Isabel all that and so much more.

    She was lucky, not like the other young girls she’d met on the orphan train. Mr. Winston would love the fifteen-year-old sharpshooter like a daughter, and teach her that life held more than a quick shot in front of amazed crowds. So her parents placed the reluctant Isabel on an orphan train headed for Kansas, and the one man who promised her a future.

    But Isabel would soon discover that men don’t always keep their promises.


    “This is my room?” Isabel asked, reminding herself to breathe as she attempted to view every inch of the glorious expanse before her. “It’s bigger than the tent my whole family lives in.”

    “Well, it’s all yours,” Mr. Winston said, dropping her bag at her feet. “I’ll let you get acquainted with it and rest before dinner. Be downstairs promptly at six. We’re having a dinner guest this evening, okay?”

    Isabel nodded as he left, still stunned by the size of the room. Every muscle in her stomach tightened. She’d never lived in an actual house before, much less one of this size. In fact, she’d never stepped foot in any home of this quality and wealth. But her parents had done a fine job raising her in the tents that the carnival used for shelter, and she was happy, so a real home seldom entered her thoughts--‘til now. And it was overwhelming.
    She sat her bag on the huge four-poster bed in front of her and ran a hand over the smooth fabric. She’d never even slept in a real bed before, and this one was large enough to get lost in. She opened her bag to unpack, trying to focus on anything to calm her churning stomach. The two nice dresses and two housedresses she’d packed wouldn’t nearly fill the huge closet and several dresser drawers, but that was fine. She had more than she needed anyway. And within a few days, she’d be attending school and making new friends--ones who didn’t refer to her as “carni girl”. Her stomach did a few more flips. Yes, this would be a sweet life--the happiness her parents had always desired for her.

    Isabel smiled. “It’s perfect.”
    J. Ellen Smith
    Publisher/Managing Editor
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    Invisible Force
    By Carol Costa
    Paranormal Mystery
    ISBN: 978-1-897445-54-9

    Bound to earth by anger and bitterness, a restless spirit investigates her own murder and learns difficult lessons about life and love.

    Back Cover Blurb: The ghost of Janet D’Angelo returns to the house where she was murdered intent on finding her killer and solving the mystery surrounding the tragic disappearance of her teenage daughter. On the day of Janet’s funeral, her daughter miraculously returns and tells the terrifying story of her abduction and the amnesia that ended when she saw the newspaper account of her mother’s death. Janet soon realizes that her family is in grave danger and though her presence sometimes erupts into frightening displays of her unearthly power, she knows that she must channel her energy to untangle the web of greed and deception that led to her murder. Finding an unlikely ally in her flamboyant daughter-in-law, Janet searches for her killer, a person determined to destroy everything and everyone Janet loves.

    Excerpt: As painful as it was, I forced my mind to replay Lynette’s story. She went into the parking lot alone, a man from the shadows…a needle pricking her arm. A NEEDLE PRICKING HER ARM. The similarity between Lynette’s abduction and my murder leapt out at me. Was there a connection? Could there be someone who hated me so much that first he tried to destroy that which was most dear to me, and then, when I was on the verge of putting my life back together again, sent me to my grave?

    I stared into the clear water that could no longer reflect my being. I will find out who you are, I vowed. And when I do, you’ll wish you had never been born.
    J. Ellen Smith
    Publisher/Managing Editor
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    A Treasure For Sara
    By Allison Knight
    Historical Romance
    ISBN: 978-1-897445-41-9

    Thrust together by her dying father, Sara McGuiness must face the treacherous Yukon Territory with “Bear”, a quiet giant of a man. Will they survive and learn to share a burning love born during the chill of a Northern winter?

    Back Cover Blurb: Set in the Yukon before gold is discovered in the territory, a strong willed woman is pitted against a quiet, reserved giant of a man. Sara McGuiness, an efficient, loquacious spinster flees her aunt’s Philadelphia home where she is little more than a servant, accepting her prospector father’s invitation to come to the Yukon Territory and accept the treasure he’s found for her.

    However, unknown to Sara, her father is in the cabin of a reticent, but tormented mountain man called Bear, who wants solitude as he serves a self-imposed sentence for causing the deaths of his wife and child.

    When Bear brings Sara to his cabin, passion explodes between them. They are forced to winter together fighting their desires and the dangerous elements of the Northwest. As they survive the perils of the wilderness, they discover an enduring love for each other and Sara’s treasure.

    Excerpt: “You Sara Margaret McGuiness?” The giant’s voice boomed at her.

    “What did you say, s-sir?” She stumbled over the word. This man had the biggest chest she had ever seen as she tracked the buttons of a flannel shirt upward—and a voice to match. She couldn’t help but stare at his face. A beard of curly hair, so dark it resembled the coal dust in her aunt’s bin, covered the lower half of his face and a darker mustache obliterated his mouth. She couldn’t tell whether he was frowning or smiling. However, his steel gray eyes caught her attention. For a second, she wondered if they could see into her soul.

    “Your pa Patrick McGuiness?” he asked.

    She nodded.

    “Come on,” he said and grabbed her arm.

    “Whatcha got, Bear?” someone shouted.

    Bear? They called this man Bear? Well, no wonder. That name surely fit. “I beg your pardon,” she tugged against him, trying to dislodge her arm. From nowhere, a rush of chilled air touched her and she shivered. Bewildered, she looked around, and wondered what caused such a reaction.

    “Come on.” He snatched her by the wrist. Again, when he touched the skin between her long sleeve and the edge of her short kid glove, she tingled. What was happening to her?

    “Let go of me!” She hadn’t rushed away from Philadelphia and the problems there to be dragged away by some titan of a man.

    Once again, she glanced at the growing crowd and looked for her father. He wasn’t there.

    “Time to go. Haven’t got all day,” the giant said.

    Go with him? Oh, good heavens! He couldn’t be serious.
    J. Ellen Smith
    Publisher/Managing Editor
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    Master’s Mistress
    By Patricia Bates
    Historical Romance
    ISBN: 978-1-897445-71-6

    In a world of betrayal and murder, a vibrant Celtic slave woman holds the key to her Viking master’s heart.

    Back Cover Blurb:

    Sibling rivalry, deceit, and seduction flourish in Ancient Ireland as Amoda Ni Cormac struggles to free herself from the shadows of her enslavement.

    His brother’s wedding brings Norse Prince Mykyl back to Bratthl’id Norway, and face to face with the proud Amoda Ni Cormac, a woman destined to be his oldest brother’s concubine. Driven by revenge, Mykyl steals the emerald eyed beauty.

    Bound by duty, secrets, and lies, Mykyl and Amoda are caught in a battle for survival that will ultimately set them free.


    “A little something to keep you warm at night, Amoda? Mayhap we could settle upon the order of things without the need for violence.” Deep and rich, the voice filled the room around her.

    Startled, Amoda whipped around to stare at the man lounging against the doorframe. His arms crossed over his chest, an unreadable look upon his face, he stared back at her.
    “You slithering worm! How dare you go about scaring people?” Amoda dropped the sword in her hand at the dark look upon his face. She swallowed as he stalked toward her, his stride purposeful.

    “I dare much in my own chamber!” She flinched as Mykyl kicked the trunk closed. “It seems I should be questioning your motives, Amoda. What does a slave need with her master’s weapons?”

    Catching the dark look on his face, Amoda tensed, fear coiling within her as she stumbled backwards. She wouldn’t beg him for anything, regardless of what his intent. Her eyes slid down to his waist, settling upon the carved hilt of the dagger that rested on his hip near his sword.

    Mykyl’s gaze followed her glance. She swallowed when his right hand came up to settle upon the dagger. Awareness sparked in his eyes. His expression shifted, tightened into an ugly mask of rage.

    “Are you certain you wish to try it?” Mykyl asked icily.

    “Come closer and see.” She knew she couldn’t win using physical strength, but mayhap with shrewdness, she could be the victor. If she had learned anything being Rognvaldr’s slave, it was to pick her opportunity. Sooner or later, a weakness could be exploited, whether successfully or not.

    Mykyl unbuckled his belt, and tossed it at the bed without breaking eye contact. He stopped and waited a few inches from her. A blatant challenge in his eyes, he doubted her will. Amoda swallowed against the tangle of fear and anger. Her gaze darted from his face to his weapon as she weighed the risks. She backed up a couple of steps.

    “Well?” He spread his arms as though in surrender. “Do you wish to please me woman?”

    “Not particularly.”
    J. Ellen Smith
    Publisher/Managing Editor
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    America’s Hero
    By Regan Taylor
    Time Travel Romance
    ISBN: 978-1-897445-57-0

    He plays American’s Hero, she is America’s hero.

    Back Cover Blurb:

    Following a daring rescue after being shot down, United States Marine Corps Major Cass Winters just wants to get back to flying. When Hollywood actor, Austin Quinn, aka America’s Hero arrives to film Cass’ story not even the jet blast deflectors will cool the flames. But when a surface to air missile tails Cass’ F/A-18 fighter jet only the most decisive maneuvers will save their lives…even if they do land in the middle of the Trojan War.


    That did it. She was back to wanting to pop him. “Right. And did you decide on whether you are going to be a man playing a woman or a cross-dressing male, which would only work in a kinky fantasy. No way is the Corps going to put up with a cross-dresser.”

    “Nope. Just me, a guy playing a pilot who gets shot down and is part of an awesome rescue.”

    “My God man, what the hell is wrong with you? Do you not get it that my WSO almost died?”

    “I got it. And for your information, it is a story that needs to be told. What you did out there needs to be told. You kept your partner alive. You kept yourself alive. And it wasn’t just from the crash, it was because the bad guys almost found you, what was it, twice?”

    “Something like that. Look, it’s over, it’s what we do. Can’t you just let it go?”

    “No. It’s an awesome story and it’s going to be told. By me.”

    “Then why can’t you just…what you do you movie types call it? Produce it? You know, you be the guy behind the camera and have one of those bimbos you hang around with star in it.”

    “The guy behind the camera is the director.”


    “And I don’t hang around with bimbos. I don’t know—”

    “Everything good here, Major? Mr. Quinn?”

    Cass spun around and snapped off a smart salute. “Affirm Captain. Everything is A-ok.”

    “Just fine, Captain. Creative differences and all that.”

    “I see.”

    Cass felt herself flush as her commanding officer looked at her, the message in his eyes clear—make sure the actor got what he needed and went back with good things to say about the GW. “Well then keep it down, both of you. Don’t need another war, especially on my ship.”

    “Aye, aye, Captain.” Cass stood a moment, lips drawn into her mouth as if she was trying to secretly bite them as she watched him leave.

    “Sorry, Snow.”

    “Yeah, whatever.” Hands on her hips she sighed and looked up to the canopy of the jet. “Let’s get you up in there so I can get off.”

    “It would be my pleasure to get you off.”

    “That is not what I meant! Flying CAP we need to launch on time.”

    “Really, I’m sorry.”

    “Sure. Forget it.”

    She was surprised when all he said was, “Done.” The man could motor mouth with the best of them. And the questions! Didn’t they ever stop? “Follow me up, but don’t touch anything and I’ll show you where you’ll sit.”

    Cass quickly realized what she had told him to do was one heck of a big mistake. He came up close, an arm on either side so she was encased by his body. She glanced down at his hands, holding on to the rungs, mesmerized. They weren’t soft like she expected, but strong, clean, appearing work hardened. An image of his hands massaging her breasts shot through her mind, causing her stomach to clench in a way she honestly couldn’t remember it had before. His one thumb rubbed across the pole of the ladder making Cass want to know how it would feel if he caressed her nipple in the same slow and easy stroke. Common sense worked itself in and she started to shift forward, except he’d pinned her to the ladder. When she slid slightly to the side she Quinn’s sharp intake of breath rewarded her, making her aware of some thing solid and hard pressing into her back. She quickly dismissed any possibility that it was a pole from another ladder or other non-human object.

    “Um, could you…”


    “No? Why no?”

    “Because if I do you won’t be the only one who knows I’m turned on by being up close and personal with you.”

    “Oh. Re—”

    “Really,” he whispered in her ear, the caress of his breath making her want to turn around and see what it felt like front to front.

    “Well just so you know. I’m not.”


    “No, excited by being close to you.”


    “Mister Quinn, do you want to get up or not?”

    “Ms. White, I am up.”
    J. Ellen Smith
    Publisher/Managing Editor
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    Cool excerpts ellen. They all sound good.


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