I just received my brand new cover for ICE MAIDEN, my Time Travel that will be released in June I can't wait for you all to read this one, Bern is such a hunk. You can read the write up beneath the picture. I hope you love this cover too.



Jewel Adams

One man’s greed sends Amy Bonner back in time and into the arms of a very determined 15th century lord. If a kiss is heaven then Amy just found paradise. The moment of bliss suddenly feels crushed by the memory of the stalking beast with death’s talons. She can’t help but wonder how long it will take before someone discovers she is an imposter?
“Such sweet, wicked hopes...my Ice Maiden.” He stirs the lady’s passion and lights a blaze that a man can burn in eternal ecstasy within. Bern wants what he holds more than any spoils from battles fought and nothing will kill his desire to make the Lady Amelia...His!
Together Bern and Amy fight time and man to keep the love they discover.