Hi, everyone! It's me, Cynnara Tregarth. I'm here a bit early, prepping everything for tomorrow's opening of the workshop-- Plotting for Pantsters.

At this very minute, I'm hearing pantsters worldwide saying, "I can't plot! I have to flow organically and let my characters guide the story!" Before you conclude that I'm a die-hard plotter, let me tell you- I am NOT. I used to free write each of my stories, allowing the story and the characters to guide me.

After my fourth story, I realized that I wasn't truly a pantster. I was using the techniques that I learned from role-playing games to create a flexible story framework while allowing me to free write. The worksheets I use help me to pick up and write my story at any time, any place. Yet, I still do have the freedom to change things and allow my characters to hijack the story whenever possible.

What will you take away from this workshop? Honestly-- it depends on what you want from it. I'm not saying that my way is the only way of writing, but what I'm sharing with you will allow you a chance to grow and stretch as a writer. You will have tools to help guide your writing when you're under deadline hell, when your characters have done a 180 in a storyline, and when you just don't know what comes next. Use what works and toss what doesn't.

The only thing I ask from you is this-- if you pass along this workshop and the worksheets-- make sure that I get proper credit for them. That's the only thing I request from you besides enjoying yourself!

Just be aware-- I have a SDJ (Sucky Day Job), so until Saturday-- I'll be posting my daily pieces around 6pm nightly. This is also when I'll answer questions here. After Saturday, I'm on vacation from the SDJ, which means I'll be on and off the computer every day-- except when I'm visiting local wineries!

See you all tomorrow!