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    Default New March 2009 releases from Eternal Press

    Life After Death by Matt Shaner
    Paranormal/Mild Horror, 22,000 words
    $4.50 US .pdf
    ebook: 978-1-926647-46-3
    print: 978-1-926647-54-8

    A peaceful drive cross-country to a new life leads to a horrific car accident. In the middle of the fire and destruction, a man stands confused watching his body loaded into an ambulance.

    He meets his guide and receives instructions that he must complete before he can find peace. Thus starts a journey driven by his determination to see the love of his life one final time.

    On this journey, he is not alone. A battle is forming, lines are being drawn, and he finds himself in the middle of the fight for his very existence with forces beyond his control.

    Seducing the Hero by Kari Thomas
    Romantic Humor , 23,241 words
    $4.50 US .pdf
    Cover Art 2009 by Shirley Burnett
    ebook: 978-1-926647-47-0
    print: 978-1-926647-55-5

    Kitchen Witch Baylie Campbell needs a hero-a protector-when a crazed stalker threatens her life. Ex-detective-turned cowboy, Colt McKnight, agrees to protect Baylie, and he takes her to his secluded ranch. Colt knows Baylie is big trouble when he meets her, and those misfit, magically-blessed animals of hers are added stress. But he soon realizes it's more than his male-sanity at stake when it comes to the seductive witch. Colt tries his best to resist Baylie's charms. but, Baylie knows he never stands a chance. Both learn to trust love again; along with help from her four animals, and fate in the form of a stalker.

    Fruitless (An Esther May Morrow Mystery) by Robert Appleton
    Contemporary Fantasy, 20,755 words
    $4.50 US .pdf
    ebook: 978-1-926647-48-7
    print: 978-1-926647-56-2
    Your glass fruit bowl from Esther May Morrow's gift shop shall be filled nightly with the following ingredients money, diamonds, anything you could possibly dream of! There is no three wish limit. No one else knows your secret. As long as it fits inside the bowl, nothing is beyond your grasp. What would you wish for?
    For down-on-his-luck salesman Nick Bergman, a heartfelt gift bought with his final ten pounds opens an astonishing magical route to fortune. His girlfriend Geri advises caution, but Nick fears the magic might only be temporary. It's time to be creative. Physical riches soon give way to ambitious plans for the future when he realizes the awesome implications of limitless wealth. The world beckons. But will he ever know when enough is enough?

    Highway Patrol by Wayne Mansfield
    GBLT Erotica/Powerplay, 5,305 words
    $2.50 US .pdf
    ebook: 978-1-926647-49-4
    print: 978-1-926647-57-9
    A lonely stretch of highway. An attractive young man in a fast car. A tall, ruggedly handsome highway patrol officer with lots of time on his hands. When the young man is pulled over there appears to be a problem with his driver's licence. The officer has no other choice but to take the young man back to the police station to investigate the situation further. The air conditioner can't cool these two down when they end up naked in one of the cells at the back of the station. But is everything as it seems...

    Two Faces, One Life by Margaret West
    Romance, 5,672 words
    $2.50 CA .pdf
    ebook: 978-1-926647-50-0
    print: 978-1-926647-58-6
    Sarah's world is shattered when she is badly disfigured after a house fire. After months of physiotherapy, her old friends have melted away and she decides that there is no longer a place for her in the world. No one will love a woman whose face is hideous scarred and whose body is just a canvas that advertises the damage that flames can do.

    When Sarah goes to the park to take one last look at the world she wants to leave behind, she bumps into Ted. Blind from a young age, the young man strikes up a conversation with the lonely girl. He doesn't need his eyes see Sarah's beauty. He can hear it in her words. But can he convince Sarah that life is for living and that is possible to view life from a very different angle?

    A Bloody Good Cruise by Diana Rubino
    Contemporary Vampire Romance, 85,736 words
    $6.95 US .pdf
    ebook: 978-1-926647-51-7
    print: 978-1-926647-59-3
    Romance author Mona is human. Ship's doctor Fausto is a vampire. He can never be one of her kind and she's afraid to become one of his. As they sail the Mediterranean on writers' cruise, the couple is stalked by vampire hunters, and by Fausto's notorious ex-wife, Lucrezia Borgia. Events force Mona and Fausto team up with the hunters to capture Lucrezia, but where can they go from here? With Fausto's friend and Mona's editor vamping it up and a hunter on the loose, can this bloody good cruise have a happy ending?

    Torts by Sasha Bailey
    Erotic / BDSM without graphic sex scenes, 15,758 words
    $3.95 US .pdf
    ebook: 978-1-926647-52-4
    print: 978-1-926647-60-9

    Brooke Molineux's deepest desires remained a secret. Her colleagues respected her, her students feared her, and her husband treated her gently. But one night, when she was alone in her office, one of her students decided to risk his career to give some of her treatment back to her. Brooke seized the opportunity to admit how much pleasure she took in the pain he administered. His punishments opened her ability to love him and fulfilled her deepest needs, until she went too far, and he punished too hard? and opened up another level of her desire and fantasy.

    Soul Market by Sonnet O'Dell
    Paranormal adventure, 113,000 words
    $7.95 US .pdf
    ebook: 978-1-926647-53-1
    print: 978-1-926647-61-6

    Every parent hopes their little girl is going to be special, but Cassandra's mother always hoped her little girl wouldn't be.
    When her mother died, she revealed the terrible truth, that when sunset came, she would be drawn into another world. A nightmare world, where monsters really did lurk in the dark shadows.
    Three years later, Cassandra is still learning to control her magic, while doing the odd magical job for cash. She never dreamed something as big as finding several missing people would fall into her lap.
    Despite the police telling her to leave the case be, she can't, because the law is fuzzy about the rights of the Preternatural groups involved. The police department may not care, but Cassandra does.
    Something is out there in the dark and she is determined to do something about it.
    Key to Her Heart by Wendy Stone
    Contemporary Romance/Thriller, 103,000 words
    Heat rating: 3 flames
    $7.95 US .pdf
    eBook ISBN:978-1-926640-66-2
    Print ISBN:978-1-926647-42-5

    Riley Moore is an FBI agent working her way to the top. She never thought that getting shot would change her career. That is until she found out about the little bundle she was carrying. Now, she didn't worry about suspects as much as she did how to tell daddy, Dillon Hunter.
    When Riley showed up in his Lansing office, Dillon had no idea the bomb she was about to drop on him. Instead, all he could think about was how much he'd missed her and how she felt when he was inside of her. When morning sickness tells the tale, he explodes.
    Following her to Texas, they become embroiled in an evil scheme concocted by villain, Sebastian Antonelli. Can they win the day and save their relationship? Can Dillon find the Key to her Heart?
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    All these books sound great.


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