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Bane Of His Existence
By Melody Knight
Paranormal Erotic Romance (werewolves)

Since lusting after a certain she-wolf is getting to be too much to handle, it's time to let nature run its course.

Back Cover Blurb:

Charlie Ascott is a werewolf. He's been cursed with the condition for the last four years, doesn't recall the one who infected him, and has learned to live with it. The only thing he can't quite handle is the lust he feels for a certain she-wolf. He catches her scent every month at full moon, but when it's absent for a few days, he's beside himself. Some day he intends to track her down, but he's not ready for that "wolves mate for life" connection. When he catches a familiar scent in the elevator, he realizes it's her—his she-wolf. Suddenly, he's more ready for a connection than he realized.

Verity Connors is a manager in the company where Charlie works. She has been afraid of intimacy, of friendships, ever since she was bitten. She's a werewolf, and she keeps to herself, focusing on her work to avoid letting instinct run away with her. When she meets Charlie, though, she decides she's been playing solitaire far too long. It's time to take a chance, and Charlie's the one she wants to risk all with. The only way to do that, is to let instinct run its course.


Verity snarled. It was about as far from her corporate self as she could get, but then, she wasn't looking very "corporate". She'd dressed down for the occasion, into dark jeans and sweatshirt. Inside the hood her face was in shadow. Even her running shoes were black.
But she hadn't meant to snarl. It was just too close to her lunar cycle, and she couldn't help herself. Nor could she help the way she snapped at him, wanting to nip him, to bite him. It made no sense, but her brain wasn't pumping sense. The adrenalin surges, stirred by shame, anger, his counterattack, were bringing out her worst.
~ * ~
He lowered his head close to hers, but just out of range of those sparkling whites. They weren't very pointed at the moment, but the lady was clearly determined, and he didn't want to have to wait till next moonrise to rid himself of bite marks, and a chewed ear? Chomp off enough and he'd have to do without. "So! You were the one," he growled, near her ear.
~ * ~
It took her a moment to resolve his words. Fury always diminished her hearing, or at least made translation lag behind. She calmed…slightly. It wouldn't do to let him think she wasn't angry any more. "'One' what?" At the last, she bared her teeth again, just to show him who was boss.
Apparently, he thought he was. "The one who changed me. Infected me." He must have mistaken her outrage for blankness, because he thought he needed to elaborate. "Who—turned—me—into—a—Werewolf."
Stupid bastard. No wonder he's not management. You didn't run around saying the "W" word to near strangers, any more than you offered them doggy treats from your desk.
Then, it really hit her. He is a Were. Like me. The least likely of scenarios but the one most pleasurable to contemplate. But how could he be so bold, so open about it? "I'm not—what you said." Verity considered how his words would be interpreted in a normal context, and attempted to backpedal. There was just no reason she could come up with on the spur of the moment to justify attacking a colleague. Finally, brilliance struck. "I thought you were someone else."
His smile widened, narrowing his eyes. It was a sly smile, and she couldn't read him nearly as well. "Do you always run around jumping people?"
She relaxed a little. She wondered if, to protect himself, he'd bite her now. It disgusted her to think that the idea titillated her, more than a little. Verity swallowed hard, then retorted, "I'm selective."
He's a Were! Who would've thought?! Oh, she'd wondered, given his choice of drawer nibbles, but she hadn't really believed it. He was a Were, however, who was far too open regarding his wolfiness. She allowed anger to surface once more. If he's that revealing, he's going to be the death of us all…literally.
Too bad she couldn't exactly condemn him for stupidity when she'd been the one leaping onto people's backs. He was smart enough to pick up on the fact she was moonstruck, too, which was more than she had with him. Instead, she'd been fixed on taking him down with her.
I'm a horrible person.
She could deal with guilt later. Right now, she needed to extricate herself from this uncomfortable encounter.
Crap! If he made so much over a visit to his desk, how much more would he torment her after this? She decided to go for pleasant. "It was my boyfriend. I'm really very sorry." The meek smile was a sure winner. It always worked at the office.
He didn't buy it. He was looking more wolf all the time, savage, and damned attractive. Verity was conscious of heat building in her core, and traveling downstream. Her nether regions were swelling, awaiting his response. She swayed toward him, unaware that she was doing so.