I am aware of formulaic, sorry for that bad spelling, writing and that romance readers have specific things they want in that formula. BUT


Do romance novels have to be so stupid?

I am certain there are better writers so I am asking for suggestions. Laurel K Hamilton writes an impossible, unrealistic, Mary Sue character that I can't stand. Her writing is 12 year oldish. I also don't like Amanda Ashely. I just read 'For All Eternity' or whatever the title was by Linda Leal Miller and I sware I feel insulted. Either she is a rather silly woman or she thinks romance readers have no real desire for a good story that is more believable than her: awesomely beautiful, becomes Queen of all vampires, can travel through space and time, can read thoughts, do all kinds of stuff with her brain, has awesomely beautiful hair, strange eyes, perfect skin, great figure, can just look at a trunk full of old timey scrolls and 'absorb' their data. Sheesh. El Barf-O-Rama. And of course she gets pregnant at the end of the book. A VAMPIRE WHO DURING THE BOOK SAYS THAT VAMPIRES DO NOT BREATHE OR HAVE A HEART BEAT is supposed to get pregnant. She, the character Mauve, has presence of mind enough to actually ask how that is possible as if the author thinks she might have a reader with brains asking the same thing, yet the author uses the other characters to say 'who knows? It is just one of those things.' Which only means, to me anyway, that the author doesn't care. She got her howevermanypages done.

There are no drama, no realness to these books. I wasn't worried or upset or even vaugely upset that Calder, her mortal love-of-her-eternity, gets shot and is dying. YOU KNOW THAT HE IS NOT because of the formulaic writing. Can't have these lovers who are like so hot and all that die or something. Like, oh my god that would be like tragic or something like. Not that I want characters to die I am just saying I'd like a vampire story with more teeth yet not so heavy and psychologically twisted.

I guess romance is like those 'cozy' mysteries, it is a style you have to just accept.

ANY GOOD WRITERS DOING VAMPIRE STUFF? Any good vampire novels that are not in the romance genre?

Thank You