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I am a 'fan' of those older gothic romance novels from the 1960's and 1970's. I think I like the covers of the books better than the actual stories though.

The Joseph Stone was a good book. Wasn't great but it was better than others. I'm now on a fetish thing for gothics concerning vampires, celtics, druids, witches, and having a real paranormal theme.

The Captain's Lady wasn't bad, but it was a rehash of Jane Aire, sp?, the brooding captain has a wife who he says is dead but is really mentally ill.

Anyone read any good gothics that they could share titles and authors of?
Hey, I love a good gothic romance. I miss those old ones by Victoria Holt and Mary Stewart.

You might check out Tainted by Temptation. It is more along the classic gothic romance lines with a dark widower, an impoverished governess, a difficult child and of course a murdered wife.