After ten days of fantastic fucking and porn style antics, Bela and Sascha had satisfied their curiosities enough to know truly what the fae race was about.

Unfortunately, both of them repeatedly denied Karenne that ever wonderful O, making her wait and build up her energy until it had peaked.

Then the duo used her body rapaciously until they'd slaked theirlust, fillingh her and filling her with deliscious thickness that only the king and his enemy could do.

The protective bubble began to dissipate. Bela turned his head upwards, sighing longingly for more time to play a new game, but he had a kingdom to run.

And Sascha now had a kingdom to be part of as he was given a high seat due to the warrior's stamina.

Karenne was left back to practice raising power and practcing orgasm control. The realization struck her. She had aLOT to learn.

"Well, a girl's gotta start practicing if she's going to become queen some day." She sauntered off to her home, flames of lust still nipping at her nether regions. She'd get her mates yet.

But that was another story for another day.