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    writersblock WIPS and WOES :-/

    I love writing, love it to death. I love reading, but somewhere along the past year, my life swallowed both my loves whole and I've been hit or miss and hap hazard about both ever since!

    Last month I put my foot down. I want to write professionally, but I was allowing every crisis from everyone around me, to derail me. I haven't finished a book in so long I can't remember the last one I did. :P

    Anyway, so foot-down.

    I got a couple of my good friends on board to help hold me accountable and I hired my oldest to run interference for me, because becoming an overnight mom to an 8 and 9 year old has been running me ragged! lol

    And so far so good because it's been working! My current wip, Tessa's Choice, is nearly at 18k. I'm hoping to hit the half way point this week, fingers crossed. I'm trying to keep to 5k a day on the days I write, and I'm writing about four days a week since those are the days my oldest is here. :D

    I figure one book at a time, if I can stay focused, I'll get my momentum back. :D

    Tessa's Choice
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