My new romantic suspense, BLIND CONSENT will be released in April. The story behind how this story came about is provided below. You might find it interesting.

Heeding the call

Many years ago, as I approached the crest of my professional career, I pondered, “What next?” I had spent my adult life encased in the clutter, crime, and traffic of metropolitan areas like Baltimore and Washington. Truth was, unlike many city dwellers that thrive on that existence, I hated it. It was such a far cry from the environment where I was nurtured as a child in the countryside of the south.

Then on one of my weekend hikes into the woods near my house, I realized the yearning I had ignored all these years. I needed to return to my roots, the belief of self-reliance and cordiality that abound in the countryside. We packed up, moved back to the south, and have never regretted the decision to return home to my beginnings. It took several trips to relocate, and on the third excursion, I decided to venture into an unknown area, to us, east of Buena Vista, VA on route 530. Half way, we pulled off onto an overlook and I watched the water snake its way along the valley of the mountain range. The experience rekindled memories from my youth. The smell of honeysuckle, the cascading falls firing a cloud of water vapor down the cliffs, the railroad tracks inching along the river and disappearing into the distant; everything stimulate my muse and BLIND CONSENT was born.

I decided to derive a story based on those visions, those memories, coupled with the hero heeding a subliminal call to return to his birthplace. Only, in Ryan’s case, the rumblings beneath the voice calling him back are dark and sinister, both in terms of a young boy’s guilt, and a secret buried away in the roots of his town, Tanglewood Falls. A toll has been levied against the people, but because of their simple views and trust in others, they blindly consented to what appeared in their best interest, but in fact exposed them to a lifetime of suffering and poverty. The hero searches for the truth, the answers to what happened twenty-six years ago, what its done to the people, and how it’s responsible for the folklore about their blessed Annie. Finally, the answers echo from the community graveyard, the accident-prone logging operation, and the strange relationship between Annie and the town doctor. Ryan discovers that his dreams, his yearning, every thing he is and will become is linked to Annie and the blind quest form one man to end his loneliness regardless of the pain it inflicts on the people of Tanglewood Falls.

Although the intriguing storyline and suspenseful plot are the imagination of a wrapped mind, many of the people and events are derived from real life. For example, Alice and Annie (names changed of course) were my first childhood sweethearts. Aunt May, with all her strength and candor, was based upon my deceased Aunt who, like in the story, saved my life as a toddler. The novel will be released April/09 and excerpts are currently available at If you read the story, remember: the answers we seek are buried in the secrets of the past.