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    Default Never Surrender - new time travel romance

    I invite you to my website for information on my first novel. It's an Indian time travel romance that goes back to 1835 Wyoming and is about love that travels through time in search of past lovers and reincarnation. The paperback and ebook were released in September 2009 and I'm very excited about this. Please leave your comments here. I'd love to read your thoughts on what you enjoy about time travel. I know there are many out there who enjoy this genre and there aren't a lot of time travels being published so I'm glad this got into print.

    I'm also on and on Please visit my blog and I'm even at twitter so look me up, though I've not gotten the hang of twitter yet nor joined the twitterdeck! LOL There are so many places out there on the super highway that we try to be everywhere but there's only so much time in one day. I look forward to hearing from you! Thanks for stopping in!

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    Read the first two chapters and get yourself hooked....I hope you decide to buy the book (great for Mother's Day!) so you can find out what happens for these two:

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    Sounds good Deanna. I'll be sure to read the first two chapters.

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    Typing Never Surrender - Sequel needed?

    I've had several tell me that I didn't end the first book like it should be ended could I do that if one day I intend to do a sequel? Well, those who've read have told me I NEED to do a sequel because they want more of Taima! Of course they do, who wouldn't want a guy who looked like that?

    So while I'm writing my ghost/lighthouse novel, I'm also taking notes and plotting what and where I might take Kate and Taima. Any ideas? Leave them here for me and we can all discuss them. The trailer is up at Youtube and on my website as well as the first two chapters at bookbuzzer in my signature line.

    Thank you so much for your interest in these two characters!

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    Typing A bit about Never Surrender...

    Thank you for taking the time to stop in and peek - I will try to leave more messages for my time travel loving friends.

    If you've not yet read Never Surrender, I hope you make a choice to buy the book; especially if you enjoy Indian romance stories. Taima has blue eyes and I won't spoil it by telling you how that happened but I had the best time creating this hero.

    Though I have only two books out right now, you'll find I like my heroes to be a one-woman man. They will never be out cheating on the woman I have them with and if they've lost the love of their life, they will usually not want to betray that love, but I do have fun getting them over that hump and on with their lives. Taima is no different. His allegiance is with the wife he lost. He's not a trusting man; he feels betrayed by the white man, as most did back then.

    I also had fun pulling the history of the era into the story. That area in Dubois is so full of the past. I loved it there; the Rockies are gorgeous if you've not seen them up close and personal. Words can't explain what one feels when you look up at the snow-covered peaks. I hope I've brought the beauty into the story. You can feel the past when you're out there because the spirits are alive everywhere there. You'll find that the settings in the novel are right there in and around Dubois, Wyoming, which is 9,000 up in the mountains.

    Please take time to read two chapters at my Bookbuzzr link and I hope you find that you need to purchase you OWN copy of Never Surrender. You'll fall in love with Taima, too!

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    I haven't really read a time travel book yet. They sound very good.
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    Apex Reviews read Never Surrender and on July 15, gave the book a 4 star review!! I'm so glad they enjoyed it.
    Thank you Tracey Moore!

    Check out the book review here.

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    Congrats on the great review, Deanna! I had to stop by and tell you, someone was looking for your book, because they came up on my blogstats. One of my posts is titled Never Give Up, Never Surrender, Never Say Die! I also get a lot of hits from Galaxy Quest fans. But it's always nice to see someone was looking for a specific title and let the author know.
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    Cloud 9


    Thank you for letting me know. It is nice to know someone was searching for info on Never Surrender! Thanks for stopping by. I'll check out you and Galaxy Quest to see what I'm missing! LOL
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    Default Excerpt of Never Surrender time travel

    Thank you for clicking on my information for time travels. I recently posted an excerpt I think you'll be interested in reading, up in the chat room with genre topics, but...let me warn you, you might want to know more after you read the excerpt! Are you easily attracted to heroes as you read? Then uh oh! But do click over and read it....

    Feel free to tell your friends so they can read, too!

    Thank you so much! Authors only make it to the best seller list with the help of readers like you...I'd love to enlist your help!
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