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    revision Never Surrender - cover redo??

    I recently received a nice review from Marissa's Sassy Book Reviews and I hope you click over and read it. She gave a nice story review but a commenter left me a message that I'm seriously considering. The cover of Never Surrender doesn't have a couple in a clinch, or a bare chest to entice but perhaps that really IS what readers want. My cover doesn't appeal to the very readers I want to intrigue.

    Help me here for a moment and leave your comment and thoughts on covers that you like. I didn't go for flowers on the cover but instead with the stone on which Kate touches that pulls her into the past. Not knowing anything about my story, a reader would have no idea what the stone was about, just perhaps another history book. Hhhmmm.....putting a couple on the cover might be what I need to redo.

    I've attached the cover below. What are your thoughts?
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    revision New cover for Never Surrender!!

    Here it is!! The cover on the left is the new cover and should be official by September 29. Then it can be uploaded to Amazon, B & N, Coffee Time and all my other sites! It will also then be on the books that are ordered from October on! If you've not gotten your copy yet, you can now get the new cover when you order yours!

    Thanks for the great comments on the new cover. Visit me on my FB Fan Page and join me there. I'm pulling a winner when we reach 500 fans and 1000 fans. Be in the running! I haven't decided what the prize will be but it'll be worth it!

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    writersblock Character Interviews with both heroes from Never Surrender

    Hey! Thanks for popping in. I've got a wonderful surprise for you. Click HERE to read an interview I did with both heroes from Never Surrender. I don't think you'll be disappointed! *wink*

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    Default Smashwords has Kindle/Sony versions!

    I've uploaded my book, Never Surrender, to Smashwords so those with Kindle and Sony readers can read it now, too! Thank you to those who have already checked out my site there and downloaded their copies!

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