Just a quick reminder that my February contest is almost over, so if you haven't got an entry in (or want to put another entry in), head on over to my website to check out the prizes and enter.

Speaking of my website, I've got a whole new look happening over there. Hopefully, it's a lot easier to read . One of the new sections is the 'fun stuff' page. It has all sorts of things in it, from website contests to character profiles and an explanation of Aussie Speak. Check
it out when you've got a moment or two spare.

Tempting Evil is on the shelves! This is the final book in the original trilogy, and as such, cleans up most of the dangling threads from the first two books. Of course, it doesn't clean them all up--I had to leave something to write about for the fourth book

And for those who haven't visited my website or blog recently, there's good news! Bantam have asked for another three books, so Embraced by Darkness will not be the last Riley Jenson novel. Woohoo!

And finally, I'll have another website contest up and running early March, so keep an eye open for that one. Until next time, take care everyone!