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by Cat Lovington
Contemporary Erotic/ Cowboy

Horny and tired of looking at Chance McCabe from a distance, almost-twenty-year-old Maggie wants nothing more than to break her vow of celibacy with the handsome dude ranch foreman and man of her dreams. When a sudden storm, a runaway horse spooked by lightning, and an abandoned hunter's cabin present the perfect opportunity for seduction, Maggie turns up the heat. Chance resists the lovely young woman’s sexual overtures for fear of loosing the job that forbids fraternization with the guests. Unable to resist the siren’s call, Chance risks everything to satisfy his own lust as well as Maggie’s desire to become a “woman.”


With an erection his horse might envy, he turned until their knees touched and he wrapped his arms around her shoulders. “Okay, you win.” He drew her close and ran his tongue along the seam of her lips, then plundered her mouth as his hands slid down her velvet back and gripped the smooth cheeks of her ass firmly. Her lips held a hint of wild cherries and her skin had the same satin texture as a blue ribbon he’d once won.

Chance sat up straight when Maggie tugged the sheet away from his body and tossed it aside. She slid her fingertips from the base of his swollen penis to its tip as it jerked and twitched. He closed his eyes and breathed deeply, trying to maintain his composure, which was close to impossible. The smell of her ripe sex teased his nostrils. He couldn’t remember the last time he’d been this turned on.