I want to be optimistic and start a separate thread for each of my current WIPs - assuming that they will eventually be published, but I'm not quite that brave. Instead, I thought I could at least let you know what I'm working on and where I am. So, here's the current update:

The Scarred Heir - this is my current Regency project. It is projected to be 65,000 words and will be subbed to Deb Werksman at Sourcebooks when it is finished. Why Sourcebooks? Because this is the manuscript that won my chapter's Golden Pen contest last year and Ms. Werksman was the final judge and she asked for the full.

This is my working blurb:
In 1816, Sarah Standish disappeared from her forced wedding to Lord Royden. Nearly two years later she is anticipating reaching her 21st birthday and returning to her home when an injured man is brought into the inn she has been living at under the guise of the innkeeper’s daughter. Encountering Max turns her world upside down overnight.

Max Dayton is Lord Royden’s twin brother. Framed three years earlier for murder, Max has returned to see his ailing father. Discovering his father has no knowledge of the murder, and anyone else who might know disclaiming all knowledge, Max begins to dig for facts.

As he assists Sarah to find the truth behind her father’s death, and investigates his own father’s sudden illness, all clues point back to her uncle and his brother.

But, Lord Royden has a secret he’s willing to kill to keep - even if the next victim is his own brother.

Caveat: One of my rules when I'm working on a new story is that I don't enter contests or send out partials until it is finished. I broke that rule last year and I'm paying for it. Both of the manuscripts I'm currently trying to finish have been requested based upon either a submission or a contest. Needless to say, that will NEVER happen again. More on the second story in a bit.